Helpful Information

What You Can Expect From Our Program

To learn, to make a connection, and to offer support and brighten someone's day. Opportunity to share your experiences and give feedback.

Continual support from the Virtual Companions team.
  • Opportunities to become involved with our other programs and connect with other participants.
  • Monthly email check-ins from our volunteer coordinator.
  • Responses from recipients if shared.

What Our Expectations Are From You

Foster intergenerational relationships. Make an impact!

  • Your cards and crafts will be greatly appreciated by recipients as a form of social connection.
Uphold organization's principles.
  • Please adhere to the Principles of Ethical and Effective Service: humility, respect and inclusion, reciprocity, preparation, safety and well-being, accountability, evaluation (self-reflection), learning and reflection
This is NOT an opportunity to give financial information or support.
  • We want to be careful to avoid any action that could be viewed as exploitation.


Keep your messages vague so they can be sent to any of the seniors at our partner facilities.

  • Try to avoid religious messages or any that assume the recipient's belief.
Keep it positive and uplifting! Stay away from potentially sensitive subjects, such as illness, lack of social support, etc. Remind seniors that they're not alone!

How do I receive financial assistance?

If you requested financial assistance for the cost of supplies, please fill out this form: You will be reimbursed $1 per letter or shipment of cards/crafts you send. For projects exceeding this amount, please submit a receipt through the form.

How do I send my notes and crafts?

You can send as many and as often as you'd like! Send in envelopes, or boxes, depending on the size of your craft. Send to: VC Cards & Crafts 531 Lasuen Mall P.O. Box 11963 Stanford, CA 94309 *Address may change in the future, so please be on the lookout for updates!


Check out our Pinterest for cards and crafts ideas: