Todos necesitamos a alguien en quien apoyarnos, especialmente en tiempos de crisis. 

Virtual Concerts

The Virtual Companions Virtual Concerts (VCVC) program organizes live and pre-recorded concerts that can be viewed through Zoom or on our YouTube channel. These concerts showcase a variety of talents: dancers, spoken word poets, vocalists, cellists, pianists, and more! Performers have the option of performing live (over Zoom) and/or sending in a performance video. 


We have organized over 50 virtual concerts so far, engaging patients, veterans, and community members of all ages. Some concerts are community-specific, while others are open to all Virtual Companions affiliates. This concert program was created with the Virtual Companions mission in mind--to connect the older and younger generations through conversation, community, and the arts. We would love to see arts and special talents from all age groups around the world!

Cards and Crafts

The Cards and Crafts Program fosters intergenerational relationships through arts and crafts! Participants of all ages and backgrounds create cards and crafts to give to our communities such as isolated older adult communities and healthcare workers.


So far, we have delivered over 700 cards and crafts to older adults in California, Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Texas, and Virginia. We also hold crafting events where you can join us for virtual socialization and craft making. You can sign up for the program as a recipient and/or crafter.

Pen Pals

Our PenPal program aims to build intergenerational companionship through letter-writing!

The PenPal program is an opportunity for people of different ages and backgrounds to connect and learn from each other through letter-writing. It also provides a way to ease loneliness and establish genuine connections regardless of access to technology.


We provide financial support for postage and letter-writing supply costs as needed to ensure that anyone can participate. Sign up on the interest form on the front page to start building a connection!

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Phone Pals

Our PhonePal program strives to build intergenerational companionship through regular phone calls! We create phone call companion pairs by matching older and younger adults together. We encourage a minimum of 6 calls about 20 minutes each (approximately once a week, but can be more or less depending on what works best for each individual pairing). These calls can be through phone, Zoom, or whatever platform you and your PhonePal wish to use.


Being part of the PhonePal program is a great opportunity for people who would not have met otherwise to connect and learn from each other through conversation and the sharing of life stories.





Cards & Crafts


Pen Pals


Phone Pals