Virtual Companions Virtual Concerts (VCVC) can be live-streamed and rewatched on our YouTube channel. These concerts showcase a variety of talents: dancers, spoken word poets, vocalist, cellists, pianists, and more! These concerts are created with the Virtual Companions mission in mind-to connect the older and younger generations through conversation, community, and the arts. We would love to see arts and special talents from all age groups around the world!


During our season, concerts will be posted every other Saturday around 11am PST. Until then, we are currently collecting videos to compile a setlist. Feel free to leave song suggestions or interview questions for future concerts in the YouTube comments section. See you all there!


We are also in the process of organizing live virtual Zoom concerts. If this is something you might be interested in, please let us know in the submission form below.


We are currently looking for volunteers to help us create more VCVCs! Email virtualcompanions.team@gmail.com with a description of your skillset and experience if you are interested!





  • Able to read from a script and introduce VCVC concerts

  • Comfortable conducting interviews in a candid and cheerful manner

  • Capable of using creative liberties to suggest interview questions, concert themes, and other ideas to VCVC team


  • In charge of scheduling and recording Zoom interviews with participants

  • Can commit to at least 1 concert––estimated 3 to 5 days cycle


  • Beginner to moderate experience with video editing programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects and Premier, etc.

  • Able to communicate and collaborate with other video editor, MC, and other VCVC team

  • Can bring creative ideas to the VCVC team to implement



What do I record?

  • VCVC is currently accepting submissions of music, spoken word, dance, and other forms of performing arts. 

  • Should you have any questions regarding if your type of art applies, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us! 

  • Choose a performance that has meaning to you, as you will be asked to do a brief intro about yourself and the performance in a Zoom interview. 

  • Keep in mind our intended audience! 


How long should my recording be?

  • Please be considerate of the 5 minute time limit. Note that this isn’t a hard cutoff––15 to 20 seconds over is fine. If the song you want to perform is slightly more than 5 minutes, please contact us for further accommodations at virtualcompanions.team@gmail.com.


How should I record?

  • If you plan to use your phone to record, please try to record horizontally. Should you feel that filming vertically would better suit your type of performance, please contact us first!

  • If your video was already recorded vertically, no worries! We can adjust this in post with editing, however the resolution will not look as sharp.

  • Make sure that your face is in view. If you are performing with an instrument, make sure we can see it too.

  • Leave around 5 seconds before and after you perform to make “fading to black” easier on the editor. Don’t forget to smile!

  • Find a recording space that flatters you! Keep in mind any issues regarding lighting, background, or other people moving around.

  • Try to make sure you are recording the best sound as possible: minimize noise and make sure your microphone can hear you!

  • Smile! 


Where do I submit?


What are the Zoom interviews for?

  • To make the concert video feel more personable and as close to a live performance as possible, we have an “MC” who announces each performer and asks them to introduce themselves and their performance, as well as a short post-performance interview. This conversation will be recorded over Zoom and should take about 5-10 minutes. It will include questions like 

    • “who are you,” 

    • “where are you from,”

    •  “why did you choose this ___ to perform,” 

    •  etc.

  • There will also be a themed question towards the end of the video. This question can range anywhere between “what’s one cool thing you did this week” to “what’s a special memory you have of your grandparents/grandparent-figure?”


When and where do I schedule an interview?

  • Once the VC team has reviewed your video submission and compiled a concert line-up, you will receive an email to schedule your interview. If you are not familiar with Zoom or require further accommodations, please contact us at virtualcompanions.team@gmail.com so we can assist you!


When and where to watch my concert?

  • After your zoom interview, our video editor will compile 4-5 performances into one concert video. We will let you know through email when your concert is scheduled to be livestreamed on our Youtube Channel.

Thank you so much for sharing your videos with us. We really appreciate the many talents you all showcase and are excited to share them with our intergenerational virtual community. Please send as many videos as you’d like!

Be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel––we love reading your comments! Please send these videos to your friends and family to help spread the music and joy! Let us know how we’re doing here